Certain fruit planting Co. Ltd mainly engaged in Apple nursery stock breeding, apple varieties introduced varieties of apple seedlings, tissue culture breeding, sales, soil improvement and technical guidance, the promotion of planting, farmers fruit recovery, Apple products production and sales of integrated enterprise processing business. Because of the demonstration effect company in apple variety breeding, apple planting technology is outstanding, is listed as "national Spark Program" unit of the State Ministry of science and technology, but also as apple planting demonstration park. The construction company is planting the park is in accordance with the basic requirements of modern agriculture, overall planning, the establishment of more than 100 houses greenhouses and cold shed. So far, the company has more than 20 apple varieties, planting apple nearly 3000 acres, with annual capacity of 6000000 strains of breeding seedlings. At the same time, the company and Chinese Science Research Institute of Biophysics, Chinese ecosystem environment protection Research Institute of apple seedling breeding substrate, apple planting pest control, apple anthocyanin extraction and other aspects of cooperation. As the company present production and future aspects, committed to the seedling, seedling cultivation of fruit trees, the modernization of agriculture comprehensive enterprise. After 7 years of unremitting efforts, has become automatic temperature control, humidity control, automatic sprinkler irrigation in greenhouse 30000 square. Through the introduction of foreign excellent new seedlings, new varieties of fruit trees, the use of rapid propagation technology of the leading domestic, the rapid occupation of the domestic market. Our aim: quality is the life of enterprise, integrity is our purpose.  


A certain fruit planting Co. Ltd is a new R & D, tissue culture, technology promotion, seedling planting, fruit recovery, processing and sales for the integrated enterprise! The company has scientific research base 800 acres, built with advanced group culture research workshop 3000 square, have professional and technical personnel more than 20 people, the annual seedling the amount of about 5000000 plants. The main breeding new varieties of apple, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, safflower strawberry, yew, hundred days of red, purple sweet potato, Ganoderma lucidum, Chinese caterpillar fungus and other high-end edible plants and flowers, welcome new and old customers come to discuss the order. The total investment of 120000000 yuan. The base has been built according to the State Key Laboratory of standard apple tissue culture center, the integration of the north and south, apple technology, has more than 160 apple varieties, is currently the apple of the earliest studies, the most species wide, the largest one of companies. The company has established breeding and sales center in East China, southwest area will be established breeding and sales center, will establish a breeding and sales center, central China will establish a breeding and sales center in Shandong area, and strive to become the leader China apple seedlings. The company has a nationwide more than 13600 acres of apple seedling planting demonstration base. Planning the layout of the ongoing development of the national base of apple industry in national plans, choose 30 apples best suitable area to establish breeding base, the development of 100 Apple standardization demonstration bases, the construction of 100000 acres of Organic Apple planting.

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